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Contents may be volatile, unpredictable, and highly addictive.

The brainiacs here at our labs on South Shelby Street have a lot on our minds. Between running an outstanding web design company, a brand-new digital marketing agency, a 3D animation firm and a non-profit marketing venture, you'd think we'd have our hands full.

And if you were looking for our agency sites . . .

OOHology: When building a content calendar around holidays and events, make sure it makes sense for your brand. https://t.co/iImSxTpk2H


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A small business’ website is still a big damn deal. Or at least it is to Makespace. The creative and web design......

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makespacelou: The new Makespace! is almost finished! http://t.co/HlGo0XDKGb


makespacelou: Welcome new clients Amlung Law Office and Meta Logistics!


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs

"People ignore design that ignores people." - Frank Chimero

- Mark Palmer

OOHology: Flex your creative muscles. http://t.co/ow2QSyXfSf


OOHology: Despite the delicious name, "supercookies" are a bad thing. "Ad software faces backlash." http://t.co/H2REzpo5Sw http://t.co/S9mfMsbZY3


We don’t get hired to make pretty things or win design awards. We get hired to solve business problems.

- James Bradley

OOHology: It's #BlueMonday. DJ Scoot Dogg sez: Just go with it. Indulge in the World's Saddest Playlist. http://t.co/PsL66eDx7t


makespacelou: Welcome new client EnviroPure USA!