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10 Reasons why should you choose Makespace

Nov 9th, 2011

Why should you choose makespace! media + design lab to "partner with" for your business' design and marketing needs? We're glad you asked...

1. We love our career! We look forward to every project. We give each one our full attention and put all we've got into everything we do. This enthusiasm for our work will reflect in your finished project.

2. We're half artist and half geek. This means our work is not only functional, it looks great too, giving your business the professional image it needs to thrive.

3. We're street smart and boardroom saavy. We have one foot in popular culture and one foot in Corporate America. We have our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing market, allowing us to develop a well-rounded approach to your marketing and design needs.

4. Our work is 100% custom. Unlike most design firms, we never use templates and never force your needs into a cookie-cutter solution. Every business is unique and we customize everything to suit your particular needs.

5. We're perfectionists. We won't present a project until WE love it, and we don't expect you to accept it until YOU love it. And because most of our rates are by the job and not by the hour, the meter's not running at your expense.

6. We treat clients like partners. We know that we are nothing without our customers. Your relationship with us will span the life of your business, so it better be a great one!

7. We're flexible and work with you. This means you can control your level of involvement in your project. This flexibility also allows us to give you a quick turn-around without cutting corners or sacrificing quality.

8. We're accessible and accountable. We return phone calls and keep you updated on your project. Everybody says they're big on customer service; we mean it! In fact, we guarantee it!

9. High quality for low rates. Because we are a small boutique firm we keep our expenses low so we can offer you professional creative services and design at amateur prices.

10. We're a full-service firm. We can probably handle every aspect of your project. If we can't, we'll refer you to someone who can. We'll also work directly with them to insure the quality that your business image deserves.

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