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Effective website design and internet marketing

Nov 9th, 2011

Since you're reading this article, that means you found our website, and you were engaged by the copy content. That wasn’t an accident. You found us because we’re findable and you explored thus far because something you found interesting was presented to you. Any yahoo with a template program can put up a website, but it takes multiple professionals with multiple skill sets to design a website that’s effective and findable.

The reason is simple: A quality website needs to accomplish many tasks all at once, and do so with efficiency. In a nutshell, your website must have all the qualities of a perfect partner: Good looking, smart, educated, functional, hard working, interesting, cultured, desirable, dependable, and knows what you want before you even ask. If you think having all those traits is rare in humans, start looking at the websites you visit with them in mind. Hiring one person to create your website is like having one person build your house. When it comes to installing the electric, wouldn’t you want an electrician for the job? 


A great looking website needs a graphic designer.
A smart website needs a copywriter.
An educated website needs a marketing professional.
A functional hard working website needs at least one programmer.
An interesting website needs all the above.
A cultured website needs input from the owner.
A desirable website needs a sales professional.
A dependable website needs a dependable hosting service.
An intuitive website needs a navigational guru.
Why does your website design company need all these skill sets? Because it takes each and everyone of them to complete the business cycle, and you do want your website to help grow your business, right?

makespace! media + design lab is a collaborative design studio that has all the skill sets needed to convert your website’s visitors to paying customers.
It takes several steps to convert a potential visitor who has never heard of you or your business into a customer. We’ll call him "Bob”.

A) Bob seeks a business who provides your products and services through Google (or Yahoo, or Yellowbook.com, or phone book, etc,). He’s ready to buy and needs to find the right company.
B) Bob finds your URL or a link to it, and clicks on it. Bob is now on your website.
C) The first thing Bob notices is how good your website looks. Bob now thinks your business has credibility and decides to explore.
D) Bob notices a menu item on your site that may contain the information he seeks. He clicks.
E) Bob reads the copy content on that page and is delighted that he found just the information
he was looking for. In fact, the information was so good, Bob decides to read more.
F) Bob is surprised how your website seems to know just what he’s searching for. He’s impressed and decides to read on. Bob really digs your website!
G) Bob finds something on your website that convinces him that you’re the right company for him. Maybe it was the videomonial from Mrs. Johnson. Perhaps it was the before and after examples. Could it have been your Better Business Bureau logo? Who knows?!?
H) He looks for your contact information. Alas, Bob is at Starbuck’s and his cell phone battery is dead. No problem! Bob notices your online contact form and fills it out
I) You contact Bob back and he buys your biggest package, ever. Bob tells 3 friends about his delightful experience.

At any step in the process, Bob could could have become frustrated, disinterested, bored, lost, or turned off. Each step was necessary in the process in order to convert Bob from seeker to referrer.

Now you can see why you shouldn’t hire your IT guys ( or your cousin, or a one-man shop, or a student, etc.) to design your website, as you can be assured that at least one of the elements you need for visitor conversion will be missing.

Well, O’ Seeker of Web Design, look no further. makespace! media + design lab is a collaborative design studio that has all the skill sets needed to convert your website’s visitors to paying customers. After that, it’s up to you to earn the referral (though we can develop a referral program for you too!).

Ok, let’s pretend you hired us and we developed an informative, creative, engaging and effective website. Once your website is designed, integrated, and online, what’s next? Visitors! A website that just sits out there in cyberspace is not a very effective tool and doesn’t do much good for you or your business. Your website must have traffic. Duh, right? You’ve heard the old adage "Build it and they will come”, right? Well, it’s not that simple when it comes to website traffic.

Remember in our example above, Bob found your website somewhere. Had your website link or ad not been available, you’d never had Bob’s business in the first place. in fact, you never would have even had a shot at it.

There are many ways to push traffic to your website. Here are some of the most effective:

Traditional advertising with your website URL showcased will push people to visit your
website. Yellow page ads, magazine ads, billboards, radio & TV can feature your website
address for people who want to learn more about your business.
Featuring your website address on your marketing materials and print collateral like
business cards, brochures, and mailers can help in the same way.
Pay-per-click advertising on search engines like Google or Yahoo (SEA), or placing paid ads on directories like Craig’s List or Yellowbook.com will put you just one click away from your potential customers.
Having a website that’s Search Engine Optimized will place you on search engines organically, which means there is no charge for your placement or clicks. Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) is an art form and is the holy grail of internet marketing.
makespace! media + design lab will not only create an effective website for your business,
designed to convert visitors to customers, but can also bring you qualified visitors. We will design a marketing program that put’s your business in front of your potential customers, whether in the real world or on the internet. We can develop your brand or identity through logo design, marketing and advertising. We can design and create your print collateral and marketing materials. Our talented and creative team of designers can deliver every ingredient necessary to harness the selling power of the internet and bring it to your website.

Ready to be findable? Contact us now!

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