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Makespace Web Design FAQ

Nov 9th, 2011


What web design services do you provide? 
We provide all aspects of web design and marketing, including full website design, website creation, web graphics, content management solutions, web programming, database creation, search engine optimization, & more.

Why do I need a website? 
Because it's the twenty-first century! Having a website gives you credibility, offers your customers information about your business, can build your customer base, and if done properly, can streamline your day to day operations and act as a hub for your business. It also allows your potential customers to find you on the ever more popular thing called the Internet. For a full article on why you need a website, click here.

What kind of website do I need? 
That depends on what your business is and what you need your website to do. Fortunately for you, we'll meet with you and assess your website needs - no charge! [That's the "fortunately" part] Call us at 502.749.2899 or click here. Need more info, click here for the "What kind of website do I need?” article.

I already have a website, but it sucks. Should I scrap it or just get a website makeover?
That depends on whether it has any redeeming qualities or not. If the design is up to par and it has good navigation, you may just want to add some great content, useful interactive features and some quality graphics. Because of the value we offer, you can probably afford to scrap it and have us design you a brand spankin' new website. Click here to read the full article on whether you should start over.

I need more than just website. Can you help? 
Absolutely. We're a full service creative firm, so we can provide you with professional graphic design, branding & identity development, logo design, effective advertising, creative direction, and full service printing. For a full list of services, including pricing, click here.

Where are you located? 
Our customer-friendly [stop by anytime] design studio is located right here in Louisville, KY, at 1236 S. Shelby St, Louisville, KY, 40203.

Why should I hire makespace! media + design lab? 
Besides having a full service creative design company by your side, we're certain that we offer the best value for website design in the Louisville area and the state of Kentucky, if not the entire region. Oh, and we're swell guys. Not convinced? Click here for 10 reasons or click here for an article on how to pick the right website design firm.

I’m still looking around and not ready to contact you. What should I do? 
Stop fooling around and contact us! You’ve got nothing to lose. Your business loses potential income every day that you don't have a great website online, and a makespace! designed website will pay for itself quickly. We offer a free consultation and a guarantee. We’ve looked around and feel confident that no other firm in Louisville offers the same combination of professional results, great value, customer service and quick turn-around. Click here to read the nice words some of our customers have to say about us. And remember, the quicker you contact us, the faster you can start impressing your target audience and promoting your business! If you just want to get your feet wet, click here to get a project proposal.

How can I contact you about website design? 
You can call us at 502.749.2899 or 502.235.7111 from 8am until 7pm EST, or email us at info@makespacelab.com. If that requires too much energy, click here to fill out our contact form. Any way you do it, we’ll respond quickly. We always do.

What can I expect if I contact you about website design? 
If you call us you can expect a warm-blooded human at the other end of the line, not an electronic menu asking your language preference. In the rare event that we aren’t available, we’ll call you back within 24 hours - guaranteed. It's the same reply time if you send us an email or fill out our contact form. After that, it’s up to you, but we’re gonna suggest you meet with us for a FREE consultation so we can learn about your needs. Or we can discuss it over the phone, but we much prefer meeting you!

What can I expect if I schedule a free consultation for website design? 
A project manager would contact you to set up the consultation. The consultation would take place in our customer friendly studio, your office, or a coffee shop. It would consist of a needs assessment to determine your website needs. We'd get to know a bit about you and your business, and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Our team of web designers, content managers, and creative directors would then put our heads together to create for you a proposal based on your needs, the solutions to your needs, and other suggestions that would give you the website your business needs. The proposal would contain several options in several price ranges. We answer any further questions or concerns and you then decide, in your own time, if we're the right website designers for you.

After the web design consultation, what comes next?
You’ll probably hire us. The value we offer is hard to beat. If you don’t hire us you’ll probably regret it for the rest of your life! Just kidding. After the consultation, we’ll make a recommendation based on your needs. Then, because we’re swell guys, we’ll offer you a package price rather than an a-la-carte or per-hour pricing, saving you lots of loot. If you don’t hire us, no worries and pass the peas.

Suppose I hire you guys. What can I expect from the web design process? 
You can expect an in-depth needs assessment, witty conversation, and constant updates. The end result is a beautiful and effective website that you'll be proud to direct your customers to. Click here for a detailed description on our design & payment process.

If I hire you guys to design my website, what’s required of me? 
Two things: A deposit and your input. The deposit is one-third of your package price, the input depends on how much control you want over the project versus how much artistic license you give us.

How much will it cost for makespace! to design my website? 
That depends on several factors, but basically it depends on the size of your website, the features it has, and how much extra stuff you need. Again, it's best we assess your needs face to face, or at least by filling out this project proposal form. You can click here for the full article.

When is the rest of the payment due? 
Again, this depends on the project. Some projects require another third midway through the process. All projects require the final payment upon completion. Der. However, you’ll always know the price before we begin and our clients are known to be pleasantly surprised!

Why do I have to pay a deposit? 
The way we keep our rates so low and our turn-around so quick is by sheer efficiency. Because much of what we do is intangible and everything we do is original, the time and energy we spend on your project is dedicated to it alone and will never be sold to someone else if you aren’t happy with our original results. The deposit covers our initial expense and insures we aren't putting time, talent and energy into it for nothing.

My last designer screwed up. Can you save my project? 
Absolutley. A good percentage of our clients come to us under similar circumstances and we are able not only to "save the day” but to actually improve upon the results.

My last designer didn’t return calls or complete projects in a timely manner. Will you?
Sadly, we’re not surprised by this question anymore. It's the number one complaint we’ve heard from clients which we’ve picked up from other designers. We’ll return calls and get things done in a professional and timely manner. We guarantee it. None of our clients are cheating on us!

I need a website quick! What’s the quickest I can get it? 
Each case and set of needs is unique, but in emergency situations we can give you a web presence within a couple of days [what we call a "WebCard"], and have your full site built within a week or 2 if your content is ready and you're really motivated to complete the project quickly. Of course, it'll cost you a bit more, but we'll work overtime to meet your deadline. We promise.

I need several design services. Do you have package rates? 
Yes. We offer package rates for 2 primary reasons: Added value for our clients gives them more of a reason to do business with us, and we get to offer one thing that many business owners overlook: consistency. If we design not only your website, but your business cards, print ads, etc, then the look and feel will be consistent, making your branding more recognizable and thus much more effective. We make it convenient and cost-effective for you to use us for all of your design, marketing, and printing needs.

I’ve reviewed your rates and packages but nothing matches what I need. Do you have custom packages and pricing? 
Yes. We realize that no two businesses are exactly alike and all clients have different needs. After a thorough (and FREE) initial consultation, we’ll save you some cash by designing a custom website design package exclusively for you.

I’ve seen cheaper rates online. Why? 
Many online website design firms are simply "web design factories” that churn out cookie-cutter designs that are generic enough to represent several types of businesses. These designs, called "Templates", are then altered slightly to match the name of the client. Website designs not chosen by the client are simply recycled and offered to the next guy that comes along. By contrast, our designs are 100% original and one-of-a-kind custom renditions, created solely for one client - YOU! Once created, our website designs are never presented to another client. What’s the point of having a website design if it looks like someone else’s?

Considering the level of quality I have seen in your work, why are you guys so inexpensive compared to other local web design companies? 
Because we're a small web design firm and we don't have a lot of overhead. That, and all of our designers are part owner! That means there's no middleman. And, we're not farming out the work to inexperienced underlings; we do it ourselves!

What’s your guarantee? 
We have several guarantees, depending on your package. We always guarantee to have initial results ready for review within 72 hours, but we usually beat that by a full day. We also guarantee that all of our work is 100% original. As well, other that the initial deposit, we guarantee that we won’t charge you until you are happy with your results.

I'm really busy and cannot participate in the process in any way. Can you guys do it all? 
Yes, we can conceptualize, design, and implement your entire website. We can write the copy, design and create the visuals, put it online, and drive traffic to it. We can also provide logo design and custom professional photography, graphic design and video. The only finger you have to lift is on your check writing hand, and even that will be gentle!

I need a really elaborate website. Can you guys do it all?
Yes, we are fully capable of creating any feature that your website would need. From small website design projects to huge ones, we can do 'em with style.

Can you guys host my website also? 
We can. We're proud to be affiliates for PowWeb, and we can host your website for under $100 per year!

Do you charge a website maintenance fee? 
No! Unlike most web design companies, we don't charge you a fee unless we're actually performing maintenance! Your website will be just fine once it's online, and you won't have any recurring monthly charges. If you require changes or want to add more content, we can do it for a nominal hourly fee. Otherwise, no fees!

Can I make changes to my own website? 
Yes, we can design a website for you that includes a "Content Management” feature that allows you to change or add content to your website as you desire - password protected and "safe as houses".

I'm not a programmer. Can I still make changes to my website on my own? 
Yes. Our content management systems are very user friendly, making it very simple to change or add content to your website. If you can write an e-mail, you can update your website.

I need to sell my products online. Can you help? 
Yes, we'll can equip your website with a shopping cart and secure online payment gateways so you can participate in e-Commerce.

Once my website is online, can you help me drive traffic to it? 
Yep, and we have several ways of doing so, depending on your type of business and your marketing budget. All of our designers are trained in Search Engine Optimization and we build all of our websites to perform well organically in search engine placement. If that's not enough, we can also get you on the very first page of Google & Yahoo with our Search Engine Advertising program. And, as we are a full service design company, we can drive people to your website the old fashioned way: with a clever advertisement or engaging business card and/or brochure.

I don’t have much money to invest into website design or internet marketing. What should I do? 
Call us! Not only are we cost-effective and provide a great return on investment, we’re flexible. We’re artists at heart and in some rare occasions we’ll barter or do partial trade. At the very least, we’ll set you up on a comfortable payment plan. All of our websites are designed to grow and expand over time. We also have a great Affiliate Program where you can earn substantial discounts or credits towards services by referring others to us. Give us a call and we’ll discuss it.

I’m a web designer looking for work. Should I call? 
We’re always looking for great designers, but you have to have exceptional industry skills, excellent customer relations skills, a sharp image, a great attitude, and a "can do” attitude to be on our team. Oh, yeah, and you gotta live in or near Louisville, KY. Think you’ve got all that? Contact us here.

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