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Makespace crew makes Dean Corbett's "An American Place" it's place!

Jan 10th, 2008

The designer and programmers of Makespace! Media & Design Lab have made Dean Corbett's new restaurant "An American Place" their choice of establishments for their after work cocktail. The Makespace team, known for their "work hard, play hard" attitude and sense of design, say the new north east Louisville bistro matches their taste. "Like great design, form meets function here", says Makespace! Creative Director Rob Miles. "And it gets points for understated elegance and style. Hell, it's so cool that we'd have done their website for free!" You're likely to find one or more of the Louisville design firm's guys here most weekday evenings after a hard day in the studio. Said Head Programmer David "Woody" Woodmansee: "Maybe one day we'll try the food."

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