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Should I scrap my website or does it just need a makeover?

Nov 9th, 2011

That depends entirely on how much of an improvement your current website needs. We at makespace! estimate that about 60% of our web design business comes from redesigning websites that weren't designed properly in the first place, and in many cases they paid more for the original bad design! In 100% of these cases we were able to improve greatly over their original sites (click her for some examples).

The success of your website will depend on several different factors, each one integral. These are:

The visual design & graphics
The menu and navigation
The copy content
The interactive elements
Search engine optimization
Content management

If the visual design and graphics are up to par, and the menu and navigation are up to snuff, you may just need to add content, either in the form of search engine optimized copy or interactive elements, or both. However, if the graphics and navigation aren't as good as they need to be, or you want add the ability to make changes or updates to your website yourself, it's probably best to start fresh. There's also a pretty good chance that your makeover could end up costing as much as creating a whole new website. What you want to avoid is paying good money to add elements to a website that's not a strong foundation. You wouldn't put expensive tires on a Yugo would you?

The best way to determine if you need a website makeover or a whole new site is to take advantage of our free consultation and sit down with us and discuss your current website in person. Call 502.749.2899 to schedule or click here to request one. Or, we'd be glad to give your website a complimentary assessment via email. Simply click here to submit the form.

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