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What can I expect from the web design process?

Nov 9th, 2011

If you then decide that we're the website designers for you, here's what to expect from the website creation process:

  1. Your project manager and content manager then create a "wireframe” outline of your sites menu and content pages. This is basically an outline that will be the basis of your websites structure and send it to you for any revisions, until it meets your approval. Meanwhile, our programmers go to work on creating your code for your interactive stuff (blogs, contact forms, shopping carts, etc.).
  2. We then use the "wireframe” to create a visual index mock, which is basically an outline of how the website menus will be arranged, the color scheme, and graphics placement. This is also submitted to you for suggestions and revisions until it meets your satisfaction.
  3. Now the fun part. We then develop the look of the website, complete with graphics, icons and photos. We call this the "skin” of your website. This is submitted to you for approval or revisions.
  4. We then upload your index design to the internet on our server, which gives you the ability to check out the progress anytime you want. In the meantime we create your blank content pages.
  5. Now we add the "mouseovers”, which is the way your menu items and banners look when you put your cursor on them. Again, we allow for revisions.
  6. We start adding content, either copy that we create or that you provide, and start linking the pages.
  7. We integrate your interactive features and make sure they all work properly.
  8. We make any revisions to any part of the website you require.
  9. After all changes are made we transfer the website to your server and domain name.
That's it! At this point we can provide for you Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, or other internet marketing services to drive visitors to your website.
What Can I Expect if I Contact You for a Free Consultation?
  1. A project manager would contact you to set up the consultation.
  2. The consultation would take place in our customer-friendly studio, your office, or a coffee shop. It would consist of a needs assessment to determine your website wants and desires. We'd get to know a bit about you and your business, and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.
  3. Our team of web designers, content managers, and creative directors would then put our heads together to create for you a proposal based on your needs, the solutions to your needs, and other suggestions that would give you the website your business needs. The proposal would contain several options in several price ranges.
  4. We answer any further questions or concerns and you then decide, in your own time, if we're the right website designers for you.

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